Shay Cannon

Shay started his tattoo training in Atlanta back in 1992. After a few years tattooing in Atlanta he moved on to Miami to work at Tattoos by Lou in South Beach, “paying his dues” and learning a lot about the busy “street shop” environment. After 3 years in Miami it was time to move on, next stop- Jacksonville, Florida to Inksmith and Rogers Tattoo to learn a lot about tattoo history and work with some really great artists. After moving back to Atlanta for a year it seemed like the right time to open Liberty, that was in 2002.

Shay has built a good following and stays pretty busy but always tries to fit in new clientele. Shay enjoys doing all size projects from small one shot tattoos to larger multiple session pieces. Please contact him to check on availability.

Rachel Anne

Rachel Anne was born in New York and raised by wolves in the wilds of New England.  After being taken in by wandering gypsies she ended up in Virginia where she eventually landed an apprenticeship with Ben Miller of Ben Around Tattoos & Offbeat Gallery.  After four years of humanization and direction, she struck off on her own gypsy ramble and ended up in Hotlanta, GA, where she worked for four years at Sacred Heart and travelled to conventions all over the country. Newly adopted by Liberty, Rachel enjoys taxidermy, crafting, history, and the written word.  She loves anything circus, freakshow, victorian, or just plain creepy in general.  In her spare time she likes to paint hot babes, shoot guns, and people watch.

Mikey Jenkins

I started tattooing in 1998 & have been tattooing in ATL for over 20 years. I specialize in Japanese, black & grey and photo realism but enjoy all styles of tattooing. I spent many years tattooing in cities across the nation but love Atlanta most of all. Come get tattooed!

Scott Alvarez

Obsessed with tattooing from an early age, Scott spent many years seeking an apprenticeship before he was given a shot at a busy street shop in his hometown of Pensacola, Florida in 1997.  He cut his teeth tattooing sailors and marines on payday weekends.

Scott is heavily influenced by punk rock and skateboarding art of the 70s and 80s, hotrod and biker art of the 60s and 70s, B movie posters, mechanics, and history of all sorts.

He spent his early years in Northwest Florida where he owned his own shop for a while. Scott often traveled around doing spots in Northeast Florida, New Orleans, North Carolina, Colorado, Georgia, and riding his motorcycle to tattoo in Sturgis, SD and Daytona Beach bike weeks. After ten years of guest spots at Liberty, he became a permanent member of this pirate family in 2018.

Scott enjoys doing tattoos of all kinds. He prefers the classic styles, but is down for just about any type of design you want.

Joey Galiger

After graduating from SCAD Savannah in 1991 Joey Galiger moved to Atlanta where her artistic path eventually drew her to tattooing. She began in 1993 and after six years of decorating thousands of sexy Hotlantians she felt the urge to head west. This led her to Staircase Tattoo in Santa Cruz, CA where she found herself making mad dolphin art and hob nobbing with some lost boys. Not content to stay still she headed south in 2002 to the sunshiney land of the stars, Los Angeles. It took seven years between American Electric and Melrose Tattoo to conquer that jungle but at last that task was complete. After relaxing and working in Portland, OR for most of 2010 she has come full circle back to Atlanta to settle down and make super, double, extra, pretty tattoos @ Liberty Tattoo. Her favorite things to tattoo are kitties, flowers and dead guys and the weirdest place she has ever tattooed is a barn.

Tad Coleman

Tad Coleman started tattooing in North Carolina back in 2004.  He worked at Vertigo Tattoo on the Outer Banks for four years before moving back to Atlanta in 2008.  Tad’s tattoos are really clean and well saturated.  He enjoys doing bright colorful pieces but is totally comfortable doing black and grey tattoos as well.  Take a look at his pics, and if you like what you see, give him a call. Find Tad on instagram at @_tadcoleman_

Stenvik Mostrom

Born Stenvik Leif Mostrom in the Boston area, his strength was always in drawing and art related endeavors. After graduating from the Ringling School of Art and Design, he worked in the commercial arts for several years before finding his rightful place in tattooing. Since, he has worked from Gainesville Florida, to San Francisco California. He has called Atlanta home for several years now, and is still active in the local art community. Stenvik’s genuine love for drawing comes through in his tattoo work as well. Find Stenvik on instagram at @

Zak Felisko

New to the area, but not tattooing, Zak Felisko has been tattooing for 15 years professionally in Florida. He also has participated in many conventions here and overseas since 2014.  His approach to custom work is more illustrative and designed to make sure that the tattoo is fitting to the client. He enjoys tattooing imagery related to horror, metal, and video games. “Be cool, and get something cool!” Find Zak on instagram at @

Kristina Mills

Cosmetic Tattooing and Microblading – Born and raised in Southern California, Kristina found herself in Atlanta after graduating cosmetology school in 2008. She worked in the salon industry specializing in brows and makeup for 10 years – a perfect foundation for her current specialties. In 2018 she flew the salon coop to expand her career to include cosmetic tattooing and join the Liberty Tattoo team. Kristina loves making her clients feel beautiful and restoring their confidence. She is most sought after for her ability to create a brow natural enough to fool anyone but enjoys making brow dreams of every kind come true!

Kristina’s Website

J Smalley

I’m born and raised in Atlanta. I do bold traditional tattoos but enjoy doing everything that comes my way. When I’m not in Atlanta, I am usually traveling and tattooing all over the US. Make an appointment on his website at

Levi Drysdale

Info coming soon! Booking:


Awesome place. Friendly and helpful staff. My wife and I went there to get our first tattoos. They were really great about teaching us everything we needed to know before we decided to get them.

My wife and I went there to get our first tattoos. They were really great about teaching us everything we needed to know before we decided to get them. Awesome place. Friendly and helpful staff.